Mission Statement

The ImPACTT Foundation's mission is to provide safe and positive alternatives through education and athletics for all youth, especially those who need us the most.


The purpose of the ImPACTT program is to strengthen, educate, and improve the participants in the following areas; 
Academic Achievement by setting an "Honor Roll" requirement (3.00 GPA) and providing tutoring, creative writing, and test prep training  
Social Interaction by requiring positive, respectful communication with peers, coaches, family, and the community. We also provide training and public speaking opportunities to share and show case their creative writing. Physical Fitness by maintaining a fun, challenging and strengthening exercise program with an emphasis on nutrition and diet.

Action Plan

Tutoring will be provided as needed by volunteers from local area colleges, universities and qualified staff.

Mentoring will be provided by all staff and volunteers through modeling behavior and through one on one pairing on a as needed basis through assessment.

Test Prep training will be offered to all members of the program. The training will include assisting or finding resources to help members prepare for regular school tests and or college entrance exams.   

Creative writing opportunities will be provided to enhance communication skills. Topics will vary a wide array of subjects and formats.

Show Case writing opportunities will be provided through public school workshops and local media outlets.

Health Program will be provided at local school gyms and supporting local businesses. A range of cardio, core and conditioning training will be implemented.  A simple 4 basic food group diet with a “watch list” of high sugar and fat content warning list will be shared with parents and given to members. 

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